Top skill set. Check. Flawless resume. Done. If you’re in the market for a new job, great experience and a sparkling personality may not be enough. Before you try to lock in a new offer, you might want to consider the following 3 factors that could make or break a call back.

1. Social Media                                                                                    

Think employers only look at your LinkedIn? Try again. LinkedIn is a great source to view details regarding your online work presence. But some employers may want to dig a little deeper to see what your character is really like outside of business hours.

Are you volunteering? Spending time with family? Or participating in some more questionable activities? Here’s the rule of thumb, if your great-grandmother wouldn’t approve, either delete it or go private. When it comes to what the public has access to, always keep a positive, PR friendly profile presence.

2. Credit Score                                                                                     

According to CNBC, roughly 29% of employees who run background checks might also include a credit inquiry in their search. Why? Many reputable companies may associate a high credit score with a heightened sense of responsibility.

A low score could have the adverse effect. For some employers, candidates with bad credit could be viewed as irresponsible or lack the fiscal attention to detail that some positions may require. For help understanding your credit and how you can improve your numbers, click here to access your credit score. 

3. Interview Style                                                                               

Don’t just look good on paper. Look good in person! A polished, and for some industries, a stylish look could give you an advantage.

For a corporate environment, a full, pressed suit may be best. For those going into more of a start-up or creative environment, dark jeans, stylish shoes and solid blazer will usually do the trick. The key is to know your industry and dress the part.

New to a specific career field? A quick internet image search could help. Type in, “banking outfit,” if you’re in the financial space or, “IT interview guide,” if you’re going into tech. If you’re still not sure, it’s always better to be overdressed to impress rather than under.