Meet the Seymours.  Husband Corey works as a trusted mechanic. Wife Marissa is a full-time office manager. Like many of us, this San Diego couple had their hearts set on the American dream. A beautiful home, a few four-legged fur babies – and now, starting a family. However, one thing was holding them back: CREDIT! To achieve the minivan milestones they were after, the Seymours took action.  Six months later, new dad Corey took his credit score from a 592, to a whopping 742! This is how he did it…

Finding the Problem

Until this point, the couple had virtually done everything right. They paid their bills on time and saved when they could – but it wasn’t enough. Good credit was still required to qualify for many of the items they needed. With a baby boy now just months away, Corey and Marissa didn’t want their credit to hold them back any longer and used ScoreShuttle for help. Within minutes, the ScoreShuttle software analyzed both reports. Thanks mostly to her good standing student loans, Marissa’s report and score were in solid shape. Meanwhile, husband Corey’s report had a few flags that required disputing.

Activating the ‘Secret’ Solution

The ScoreShuttle software was able to identify twelve derogatory items that were negatively impacting his credit scores. As general rule, if a derogatory mark is listed on your report, it’s wise to give it a closer look to determine if it contains an error.  Here’s why. Fraudulent claims, outdated information, or even blatantly incorrect statements may lead to a derogatory mark on your report.  If this is the case, disputing it is your best option. To help speed up this process, Corey used ScoreShuttle to quickly identify and digitally dispute each inaccurate item. Within 6 months of activating the dispute cycle, 10 of the 12 derogatory items were REMOVED from Corey’s report!

Growing, Growing, Gone to a Higher Credit Score!

Once his score reached a more appealing borrowing bracket, Corey put ScoreShuttle’s added tips into play and opened a secured credit card to lift his score even higher. This strategy eventually skyrocketed his score from a 592 to a whopping 742 in just 6 short months!

“With his higher score, we were able to secure a better home for our new baby boy and two dogs. ScoreShuttle really took a lot of stress and guess work out of our lives by helping us with our credit. We couldn’t be more grateful.” – Marissa Seymour

Better Credit, Happier Life

With better credit and new baby Jameson now enriching their lives, the Seymour family is proof that a higher score can take just about any life to new heights.

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 Disclaimer: Depending on your unique credit situation and personal activity using the ScoreShuttle software, your individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.