Error Free Reports = Higher Credit Scores

Did you know that 4 out of 5 credit reports contain at least one error? If left unchecked, errors on your credit report could result in a derogatory mark.  Derogatory items can negatively impact your credit scores and potentially cost you thousands of dollars in higher interest rates over time. The ScoreShuttle Dispute Center gives you the ability to challenge errors with a single click.

Source: CBS News

AI smarts help you identify problem areas

The ScoreShuttle software analyzes your credit reports and highlights all derogatory items for your review. Any information that you believe is inaccurate could affect your scores and you can dispute it.



Push-button power gives you the control

Spot something questionable? Click to activate the dispute cycle to challenge errors with all 3 credit bureaus. By law, the bureaus have 30 days to either respond or remove the item from your report.

Track your results in real-time

The fastest, easiest way to dispute a report issue is online. Anytime a negative error is successfully removed from your report, you could see an uptick in your credit scores. Track your disputing progress by visiting your ScoreShuttle dashboard.

Are errors hurting your credit score?