Why is there a charge on my account? I thought this was free?

ScoreShuttle is free if you enroll in the free, 30-day use subscription. After 30 days, users must upgrade to Premium in order to keep their account active.  As a reminder, free ScoreShuttle users only receive access to view their 1 bureau report, score, and complementary report review. If you are looking to actually improve your scores, becoming a Premium user is highly recommended.

What am I paying for?

Unlike ScoreShuttle’s free subscription, Premium ScoreShuttle users unlock a complete, score-boosting toolkit with everything you need to actually help you grow your scores, instead of just stare at them.  There is a small fee associated with ScoreShuttle’s Premium software subscription. However, we hope you will agree that this cost could be well worth the attractive loan terms and potential savings a higher credit score may help you achieve over time.

Can I move my payment date?

Life happens. ScoreShuttle gets it. If you need more time to cover your Premium subscription payment, simply call ScoreShuttle’s Support Team at 855 858 0718. Please note that you will not be able to access ScoreShuttle’s Premium features until payment is received and the hold is lifted. 

What will you do with a higher credit score?