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How do I access my ScoreShuttle account?

To access your ScoreShuttle account click, “Log In” at the top of the ScoreShuttle homepage, or click here to log in now.  Simply plug in your email address and password to sign in. If you do not have a ScoreShuttle account yet, click here to sign up now!

Why are there no updates on my dashboard?

ScoreShuttle refreshes your account on a daily basis. For updates regarding your disputes, scores, and credit report – log into your ScoreShuttle account anytime. Here are some more specific timeline estimates to consider:

  • Disputes: Once a dispute is sent and received, the credit bureaus have 30 days to either respond or remove the item from your report.  That said, dispute updates will not occur until the credit bureaus’ 30 day response period has passed.
  • Scores: Even if a derogatory(s) has been successfully removed from your report, it may still take 6 to 8 months of DIY disputing and positive credit building activity to potentially experience score growth. Remember, you are the commander of your credit journey. This means that your actions play a pivotal role on if and when your scores will improve.
  • Reports: The 3 credit bureaus issue new reports every 30 days – which is typically when changes occur. If you are unsure when your last report was issued, log into your ScoreShuttle account to view.  Your next update will be about one month, or 30 days after the report date listed.

Please note that exact dates and progress results may vary depending on your unique credit situation, financial actions, and personal utilization of the ScoreShuttle software.

Why haven’t my scores gone up yet?

As a reminder, it typically takes 6 to 8 months of successful DIY disputing and credit building activity to potentially experience results. This timeline allows the ScoreShuttle software to dispute any derogatory items you may have clicked to capacity – while giving you the opportunity to put Credit Camp’s tasks into action. Remember, you are the commander of your credit journey. This means you play a pivotal role on if and when your scores improve. ScoreShuttle gives you the tech and tips needed to achieve the credit scores you want – but you must follow the step-by-step program to experience results.

What should I do with all of the letters I’m getting?

Letters sent from collection companies are typically stall tactics designed to stop you from sending more disputes.  However, these letters are usually cookie-cutter correspondence sent to everyone in their database – regardless of their personal situation. The ScoreShuttle software challenges these auto-responses to ensure that your side is heard.  If and when received, please upload these letters onto your ScoreShuttle dashboard for record-keeping purposes.

Why won’t collection companies stop calling me?

Ugh, if we had a nickel for these!  Allegations of harassing collection calls are no stranger to the headlines.  However, you do have options. The ScoreShuttle software puts the pressure back on collection companies by insisting that they provide proof regarding the item they are attempting to collect on. Please note that anytime you choose to speak with or correspond with collections agent, you run the risk of extending the statute of limitations that the item at stake is allowed to stay on your credit report. Click here to learn about more ways to help you conquer collections.

Where do I report suspected fraud or ID theft?

To report suspected fraud or ID theft, Premium users can contact ScoreShuttle for help. From here, a software specialist will review your information and connect you with the right Experian representative who is trained in victim assistance for further support.  If you suspect fraud or ID theft, click here to submit a help ticket – or access our live chat on the ScoreShuttle website M-F during normal business hours.

How do I contact ScoreShuttle for software support?

First, we advise you to check out all of the information above, as well as ScoreShuttle’s general FAQ page to make sure that your question hasn’t already been answered.  If you still need software assistance, you can click here to submit a help ticket – or access our live chat on the ScoreShuttle website M-F during normal business hours.

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