Low scores.
Astronomical opportunity.

Customer’s credit score not up to par? Don’t just walk away leaving money, and possibly a valuable relationship, on the table. ScoreShuttle is here to make things right. We’ll help get their score up and alert you when it hits the sweet spot. That way you can reach out to them as a warm lead. Just like that, you’re back in business.

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Don’t miss an opportunity to say “Approved.”

Turns out – over 20% of all applicants are rejected due to low credit scores1 – and businesses often walk away. But what if you could circle back to them and cash in on this astronomical opportunity. ScoreShuttle specializes in helping people get their scores up where they need to be to get them into a loan. Send them to us and we’ll send them back more creditworthy than ever. Win. Win.

1Federal Reserve Bank of New York Survey, Dec. 2018

Empower your customers.

ScoreShuttle partners with businesses to help boost undesirable credit scores so they can continue conversations instead of letting customers walk away. By offering your customers access to ScoreShuttle, you empower them to identify and resolve errors on their credit report, set goals and ultimately increase their score to the point where they can work with you on future purchases.

The result? Happier customers and a valuable relationship.


Sign Them Up

Enroll prospects directly from your ScoreShuttle partner portal. Our turnkey program gives you all of the co-brandable or standalone marketing materials you need to entice, educate and enroll your prospects.


Their Credit Score Goes Up

Easy-to-use software examines their credit report, formulates a personalized credit-boosting journey, and helps them resolve errors.


You Get a Heads Up

We automatically alert you when their credit score hits the right threshold for financing. That way you’re always focused on prospects who are ready to sign.


Your Sales Go Up

Reengage with them as a warm, and potentially grateful lead. Use it as an opportunity to offer a new, more attractive loan.



Close business when the scores improve.

Build relationships

Help decliners and develop valuable relationships with them.

Let us do all the work

Rely on our marketing materials, our tools, and our system.