Turn denied loan applications into approved deals.

Partner with ScoreShuttle and offer your customers the tools to increase their credit scores. The moment they reach the score goal you set, you’ll be alerted. 

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20% of applicants are rejected due to low credit scores.

Minimize credit-based rejections by empowering your prospects to improve their scores. Once enrolled, your customers can use ScoreShuttle to digitally dispute report errors, set goals, and unlock the know-how needed to achieve a higher credit score. 

1Federal Reserve Bank of New York Survey, Dec. 2018

Get alerts for newly qualified leads.

ScoreShuttle keeps credit-challenged prospects in your sales funnel and notifies you when they reach an approval-worthy score. The result? Higher scores for them – which could lead to more deals for you. 


Enroll your customers

Easily sign up customers from your partner portal. We provide all marketing materials needed to entice, educate, and get them started.


They increase their credit score

From digital dispute capabilities to score secrets, ScoreShuttle gives your customers everything they need to increase their score.


You close the deal

The minute your prospect reaches the score threshold you set, ScoreShuttle will send you an alert to close the deal. 


Boost revenue

With poor credit out of the way, you can close more deals. 

Build relationships

Earn profitable relationships by helping customers achieve their goals. 

Easy enrollment

ScoreShuttle’s tools and marketing materials do the hard work for you.