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As you push your credit score skyward, hackers are aiming to cash in on your progress. ScoreShuttle offers a premium suite of identity protection, credit monitoring and restoration tools to detect fraud and restore your identity.

Boost Your Score,
Protect Your Progress.

Cybercriminals mesh personal data with fabricated information to build new synthetic identities that they then use to commit fraud. ScoreShuttle has partnered with industry leader Experian to bring you a powerful collection of advanced tools that are already being used to protect millions.

446 million consumer records were exposed in 2018



Get real-time alerts if someone tries to open a new account or take out a payday loan in your name. That’s just one of the ways we help you monitor your credit.


Your Credit Reports

ScoreShuttle monitors your 1 bureau Experian credit report for you 24/7.

monitor your credit report


Your Identity

If your identity is stolen, ScoreShuttle provides advanced restoration features that will help you bring your credit score back to the stars.

Restore your identity

Start protecting your identity today!

Experts agree:

It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN your data will be stolen

Name and physical address:
49% of breaches.

D.O.B and/or Social
Security Numbers were
taken in 54% of breaches.

Personal health information:
46% of breaches.

Source: ForgeRock, 2019 US Consumer Data Breach Report

Start protecting your identity today!