Bad credit keeping you from your dream home?

OneTrust Home Loans trusts ScoreShuttle Reflight™ to help their clients detect, dispute, and remove adverse items that negatively impact their credit score, helping them achieve the credit needed to qualify for a home mortgage loan.
OneTrust Home Loans
Undo bad credit. Get approved. No cost to you*.

    *Receive up to a $500 lender credit at closing when you purchase or refinance your home with OneTrust Home Loans. Offer eligible for one mortgage transaction only. The lender credit will equal the amount, up to $500, for ScoreShuttle services incurred.

    Equal Housing Opportunity NMLS #46375

    How does Reflight™ work?

    1Set goal score

    Set the target score you need to get approved.

    OneTrust Home Loans integrates with ScoreShuttle Reflight’s intelligence to set your required credit score.

    2Review and challenge

    Review, send & manage your disputes in minutes.

    ScoreShuttle’s intelligence detects negative items that are eligible to dispute. Just select your dispute reason, the bureaus to dispute, and click send. One simple flow, all under your control.

    3Undo bad credit

    Undo bad credit.

    A better-managed score means lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and less interest paid over time. Scores typically improve within 6 months.


    Take action at the right time.

    Real-time notifications empower you and your loan officer to act when you reach your target score.

    5Get approved

    Get approved. Get reimbursed.

    The right score ensures you get approved with optimal terms and rates. OneTrust Home Loans will reimburse costs incurred on any ScoreShuttle plan, up to $500 at closing.  

    Why ScoreShuttle?

    Countless benefits

    Direct-to-Bureau dispute management.

    Automated and self-managed tools give you the power to take control of your credit. File a dispute with all 3 credit bureaus with a click of a button.

    Accelerate financing.

    Your can start seeing results within 6 months, putting you one step closer to purchasing your dream home.

    Qualify for better rates.

    A better-managed score means lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and less interest paid over time.

    Make the big purchase.

    Having a roadmap to reach your financial milestones puts you ones step closer to your goal – it makes that big purchase more obtainable.

    Manage anywhere, anytime.

    View the important details of your credit and finances in one easy-to-use platform. From online to on-the-go, ScoreShuttle makes it effortless.

    Save time.

    Going to different sites for credit scores and reports can be time consuming. Understand your credit data and act on it — all from one place.

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