Credit Reengagement Platform

More approvals.
More closings.
More customers.

ScoreShuttle Reflight™ enables your business with an integrated platform to help declined mortgage and loan applicants manage their credit standing and notify you when it’s the time to reengage them for financing.
Stop bad credit from closing doors on declined applicants, and start closing more deals.

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    How does ScoreShuttle Reflight™ work?


    Integrate Reflight™ with your favorite CRM.

    Reflight™ was built to plug-and-play with the tools you already use.

    2Enroll leads

    Sign up your declined applicants to ScoreShuttle.

    Provide prospects the right strategy, and technology, to help manage their credit.

    3Set benchmarks

    Set your new leads up for success.

    The right score ensures your prospect gets approved with optimal terms and rates.

    4Automate notifications

    Set-up notifications and follow-up sequences.

    Real-time notifications empower your team to act when your lead is ready to reengage.

    5Reengage lead

    Take action at the right time.

    Respond to qualified leads by sending personalized communications that drive action.


    Turn leads into loyal customers.

    Stop closing doors on declined applicants, and start closing more deals.

    Why partner with us?

    Business Benefits

    Convert lapsed leads.

    Keep your hard-earned leads. Automatically add previously declined applicants back into your pipeline once they meet your set criteria.

    Automate follow-ups.

    Reengage qualified leads at the right time. Trigger personalized emails to reach them first. Our email templates make it effortless.

    Close more deals, faster.

    Get notified the minute your leads achieve the credit standing needed to close the deal.

    Grow customer loyalty.

    By nurturing and guiding your leads through the process, you'll earn new customers.

    Customer Benefits

    3-Bureau credit and dispute management.

    Automated and self-managed tools give your leads the power to take control of their credit online.

    Accelerate financing.

    Your customers can start seeing results in as little as 30 days.

    Qualify for better rates.

    A better-managed score means lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and less interest paid over time.

    Make the big purchase.

    Giving your customer a roadmap to reach their goal makes that big purchase more obtainable.

    Interested in learning more?

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