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What does ScoreShuttle define as a dispute?

A dispute is one single tradeline item that you initiate for dispute from our Dispute Hub, and request for removal from one single credit bureau. A single dispute may take up to 30-days, or more. We measure the lifecycle of a dispute from the point of user initiation to when credit bureau resolves. See More FAQ’s

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How can I use ScoreShuttle to manage my credit?

When it comes to managing your credit, we think you will agree that online is just better. Using ScoreShuttle, you can understand and manage your 3-bureau credit reports, scores, and disputes all from one place. To offer this automated approach, ScoreShuttle converted successful credit management strategies, which were once done by hand, into a user-friendly software. Instead of writing and mailing off letters to dispute potential report errors, Challenger and Voyager users can now file a dispute digitally in ScoreShuttle’s Dispute Hub. Instead of meeting with pricey credit consultants, ScoreShuttle summarizes the same management secrets in our online series, CreditCamp TV. When bundled together in our Challenger plan, ScoreShuttle gives users a superior solution to online credit and dispute management.

How can the dispute process help my credit?

A large part of healthy credit management is to ensure that your report is accurate. If left to chance, report errors can significantly damage your creditworthiness. Because of this, it’s important to monitor your Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax credit reports regularly. If you ever detect an error on one of your reports, it’s critical to your credit that you take quick action to dispute it.

How do I file a credit dispute using ScoreShuttle?

If you wish to dispute a report error using ScoreShuttle, simply log into your account to begin. From here, click the ‘Dispute Hub’ tab at the top of your screen. ScoreShuttle will automatically highlight any potential disputable items for your review. If you detect an error on your Experian, TransUnion, and/or Equifax credit reports, follow the plan-specific prompts to file a dispute. For best credit results, ensure that all impacted bureaus are checked before clicking the dispute activation button in our Challenger and Voyager plans. To learn more about the credit dispute process, including how to file your own, click here

What items can I dispute?

In short, you can dispute any item on your credit report that you believe contains an error. Items over the statute of limitations, a duplicate account, or even fraudulent activity could all be considered ‘errors’ and can be disputed. For a more comprehensive list of the type of items you can dispute on your credit report, click here.

When will I receive my dispute results?

When you file a credit dispute using ScoreShuttle’s Challenger or Voyager plans, your dispute is automatically sent to any impacted bureaus you click. If you are a Discovery user, it will be up to you to print and mail your 1-bureau dispute(s) at your convenience. Once your dispute is received by the credit bureau(s), they have at least 30-days to investigate your claim. Within this same time frame, the bureau(s) must then either respond or remove the item from your report. Depending on your plan level, or source being used to check your credit report, it may take 30 to 45-days for the updated information to be displayed.

Do you sell my information?

No. ScoreShuttle takes your privacy seriously and never sells your information to unaffiliated third-party marketers.

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