Dealing with credit bureaus feels daunting — we’ve changed that.

Traditional methods of taking control and managing credit are time consuming and tedious. We’re eliminating that by automating and simplifying what works.

The Status Quo

A complex process with multiple steps that will cost you valuable time and effort.

The New Standard

Save time and avoid confusion with automated credit & dispute management.

The countless benefits of smarter credit management in one place.

Control. Monitor your credit score, utilization, age of credit, payment history, and much more. Get more control with less work.

Security. Rest easy with ongoing credit and identity theft monitoring, proactive alerts, and Dark Web surveillance. Reduce fraud risk using our step-by-step approach.

Efficiency. Manage your credit, file a dispute, protect your identity, and plan for major financial milestones. Save time by doing it all from one place.

Simplicity. View the important details of your credit and finances in one easy-to-use platform. From online to on-the-go, ScoreShuttle makes it effortless.

Visibility. Know where your credit stands to make better informed decisions when applying for a credit card, buying a home, or getting a student loan. Access your credit anytime, anywhere.


Our customers are seeing results.


errors and inconsistencies on credit reports have been removed using ScoreShuttle.


saved on average every month, by using ScoreShuttle’s automated dispute system.


of users that make 3 on time subscription payments see at least 1 disputed item come off report.